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We may be saying goodbye to Summer, but we’re saying hello to all the fun that comes with Fall … and we’re doing it with our September Newsletter!
Take a look back at our UNITY Festival and Outdoor Worship held the last weekend of August (there's lots of great photos like the one at left), then take a look ahead at everything that’s coming up!

From Rally Weekend to Retreats … from Singing and Servanthood to Small Groups … and from Bible Studies to a Baby Shower … we’ve got it all for the Fall.

Check out our SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER and fall back into a great routine with us!


To stay up-to-date with what's going on with our partner Christ the King Lutheran Church, we encourage you to take a moment to check out CTK'S AUGUST NEWSLETTER.


To be good stewards of our resources, Cross of Life distributes an electronic version only of our newsletter. Hard copies are mailed only to those households that do not have e-mail accounts and will still be placed around church for visitors, etc. We are committed to communicating with our members, so if your e-mail address has changed – or if you have e-mail but have never received an electronic version – please contact Ann Hill at

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