Looking For a Great Online Bible Reference?

We recommend the Oremus Bible Browser
as a wonderful resource when looking up a Bible passage from the convenience of the web. You can look up any passage by simply entering the book, chapter or verses you would like.  

In addition, it also has a great search feature to help you find where a particular verse is in the Bible, or to do a search of all the verses that contain a certain word.

For example, if you remember a few words of a Scripture verse but aren't sure where to find it in the Bible, type the words you know in the available box and click "Search." Or, if you want to find all the verses that mention "peace," enter the word in the available box and click "Search."

We recommend this tool because it is one of the few places online that offers the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) translation of the Bible that we use in worship.


From the Creators of the Blessings Bowl and Milestones is a Great Website:
Vibrant Faith at Home!

This interactive resource gives you unlimited access to easy-to-use tools, tips, family activities, blogs, forums, and advice ... everything you need to build a stronger, more faith-focused family. 

Be sure to check it often as they publish new activities each season! Enjoy the final weeks of their Summer activites and watch for Fall activities to be posted early September.

This wonderful website contains a wealth of ideas and resources for people of all ages and stages of their faith journey to:
TALK with each other about their faith
PRAY together in ways that are comfortable and comforting
RITUALIZE their important moments
REACH OUT in service and support of others

They even have a Mobile App available to give you ideas for when you're away from home! Check out this unique website that is sure to breathe vibrant new life into the way you practice faith in YOUR home!


Have You Ever Wanted a GUIDE to Lead You Through the Bible?

Enter the Bible is a helpful reference tool to accompany you in your reading of the Bible.

Here you'll find a user-friendly wealth of resources to help you grow in your faith, add depth to your Bible studies, and truly discover the people, places and events of the Bible. 
The website is organized by Old and New Testament, Periods of Time, Images, Resources ... you name it! It really is one-stop-shopping if you need a practical Bible reference.


But don't let all the information on this site overwhelm you! Created by the faculty at Luther Seminary, Enter the Bible is the perfect place to go if you're interested in learning more about the background, history and context of the books of the Bible.

(Of course, it's a perfect complement to the great Bible Studies at Cross of Life!