What to Expect

We hope you will join us for worship!

To take the guesswork out of what you can expect to experience with us, below are some areas people commonly wonder about when visiting a church for the first time. If you plan to visit us for worship, below is a snapshot of "What to Expect."

Finding Us
We are located just west of Barker Road on the north side of North Avenue at 20700 W. North Avenue. Our building is blue with white trim. Click here for map. Our phone number is 262-785-9420.



Our parking lot is one way, so please enter our lot from the east and exit from the west. All parking spots are in close proximity to the building, with handicap-accessible spaces located next to our front west entrance.  If it looks like the lot is full, keep driving to the west end of the lot where there are usually plenty of open spaces on the side of the building.

Most people enter through our front east entrance, which is the set of doors with the sheltered overhead. Once through these doors you will be in our Narthex, or lobby area.

When you enter the Narthex, you will be greeted by an individual or members of a household who will make you feel right at home. You will also see the most important four words of our mission displayed on our wall: "Welcome, Learn, Serve, Invite!"

Special Accommodations
We provide designated seating areas in our pews to accommodate wheelchairs. If you prefer to have communion brought to you, please notify an Usher.

There are single restrooms adjacent to the Narthex with larger ones down the hallway through our Fellowship Hall. We also have a changing table and a tot-sized toilet in our Nursery. (Just kidding about the photo. We got rid of our outhouses years ago ....)

Young ones are always welcome in worship, but if you prefer, a staffed nursery is available. On Saturdays we have high school helpers and on Sunday we have long-term Nursery care giver "Miss Gail." To find the Nursery, go through the Fellowship Hall and “take a right at the rainbow!”

Sunday School
ALL children (including non-members and guests) are invited to attend! Classes are offered for preschool through 6th grade, with a “Fusion” class for 7th & 8th graders and a “Sr. High Café” for kids in senior high. Kids in preschool through 3rd grade stay in worship until after the Children’s Message, at which time they head off to class. For class times, visit our Christian Education Ministry page.

At the doors to our Sanctuary (worship space) you will be handed a bulletin by an Usher. Our bulletins provide everything you need to know to follow along easily in worship, in addition to news and announcements. If you would like a larger print bulletin, please ask an Usher.

Before service begins, we invite you to take your seat in a pew and enjoy the pre-worship music. At this time you can also view the video slides announcing upcoming events. It’s okay to talk to your neighbor, too! Ours is a relaxed atmosphere that encourages community.


Beginning of Service
Each service begins with a Welcome, a Sharing of the Peace (where you shake hands and greet your neighbor), a Call to Worship and then a Hymn. Our Children’s Message follows, after which our kids head off to Sunday School or return to their pews.

During each service a Reader will share one or two bible passages, which will be followed by the Gospel message read by a pastor.

One of our pastors (John Horner-Ibler or Sherrie Lorbeck) will present a message that relates the week’s Gospel passage to our own lives – sharing the Good News in a way that both informs and inspires. You don’t need a church background to understand the message. To hear one of our sermons, visit our Sermon page.

You will enjoy a variety of music during worship – whether played on piano, organ, handbells, guitars or strings – and will hear one of our many choirs, from our Senior Choir to our Handbell Choirs to our 3-year-olds singing exuberantly in A Joyful Noise. Like most congregations, we sing hymns too and you are welcome to add your voice or your prayerful support if singing isn’t your thing.

Following the Pastor’s Message and a hymn, there will be time for prayers to lift up people according to their needs and to allow you time for silent reflection.

This is the time during worship where members and staff share news or provide information about upcoming events. Announcements also appear in our weekly bulletins, on this website, and in our monthly newsletter. CLICK HERE for our most recent NEWSLETTER. 

After Announcements, Ushers pass plates through the aisles to collect offerings. You may choose to put in any amount you’d like or pass the plate along. If you do not make an offering, don't feel self-conscious. Many members mail or electronically deposit their offerings so you will not be alone.

All are invited to the table. We provide three Communion “stations:” two in front and one in back. Ushers will guide you. At the front, you will take communion either in a continuous line or together around the altar; our back station uses a continuous line. If you choose not to partake of the wine (red), white grape juice is provided. If you would like a gluten-free wafer, ask for one at your station.

At the close of service you will be sent forth with a special blessing. You are free to leave or you may linger and enjoy fellowship or coffee in our Fellowship Hall. If you attend a Sunday 8:30 a.m. service you are welcome to attend one of our Adult Education opportunities as printed in the bulletin.

For more thorough answers to many of the questions you may have, we encourage you to visit our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) web page.