Communication & Technology

The end of 2015 marks the end of the first two years for the Communication & Technology Committee. It’s been a time of learning and growing as our committee has gone from theory to practical application in many areas of our congregation’s ministry.

At the outset our goal was to pull together all of our communication efforts and the technology we use to accomplish them under one committee to allow us to best plan and budget their use and growth. The major areas affected include worship, education, outreach (both internal and external), communication and our servant/partner ministries.

Some specific examples include video production, development and expansion of our website, sanctuary sound and video screens, Smart Boards in classrooms, the production of our monthly newsletter and photography for our member directory and other projects. Many of these items were pulled together from other areas; they aren’t new efforts but simply a better way to manage existing activities.

Our committee’s big project for 2014 was an online update of our congregation’s photo directory (sample photo at top). It is now available on a password-protected area of our website accessible only to congregation and staff, and includes family portraits just like our older printed versions. The work for this project was done by volunteers and staff, which helped keep costs to a minimum.

We welcome anyone interested in participating in our committee or the areas we support.

Current Chair is John Ehlers at or