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Cross of Life and Christ the King are now UNITY Lutheran Church!
On January 31, 2016, Cross of life and Christ the King voted to enter into a full Collaborative Union. On April 17, 2016, Cross of Life and Christ the King voted on several items pertaining to that union. Please see below for more info. Documents were voted on can be reviewed by clicking 

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April 17, 2016 - A Day for COL & CTK to Celebrate ... Share ... Renew!
Thanks to all Cross of Life and Christ the King members who attended our combined congregational morning at Cross of Life on Sunday, April 17. We worshipped together at 8:30 a.m., held our voting meeting at 9:30 a.m., and celebrated our full collaborative union with a potluck brunch at 10:45 a.m.

Our voting meeting resulted in several exciting outcomes, including:

 ~ UMBRELLA NAME of our combined congregation: 
“Unity Lutheran Church”
 ~ New MISSION WORDS: “Celebrate, Share, Renew”
 ~ New MISSION STATEMENT: “United in Christ we … Celebrate in our worship and lives; Share with generous purpose; and Renew our communities and the creation ... all through the One who keeps us together in ministry.”

We also voted on a new Constitution, Bylaws, and long-range planning proposals, in addition to several other actions that will enable us to make changes to our legal identity. To view the materials we voted on, click HERE.

More details can be found in COL's MAY NEWSLETTER and our JUNE NEWSLETTER.

We're in the NEWS! Check out the articles about our unity that appeared in the following publications:
April 26 issue of 
April 27 issue of 
Waukesha Freeman (Go to PAGE 3.)


Take a moment to read our PRESS RELEASE about Unity Lutheran Church.

If you have questions about the COL-CTK Collaboration, please contact Pastor John Horner-IblerPastor Sherrie Lorbeck, or any of our Council Members.

Read more about our Collaboration on page 1 of our FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER!

You may review COL's 2015 ANNUAL REPORT by clicking HERE.

Three important Forums were held on January 10, 17 & 24 at 9:30 am to discuss moving forward in our collaboration with Christ the King. We held these forums to help members become as fully informed as possible prior to our Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 31, from 9:20-10:40 am.

To watch the forums, click on the titles:

January 10: Vision Team
January 17: Marketing Team

ABOVE: COL & CTK staff members met for their first TRULY Joint Staff Meeting on February 2, 2016.

Curious about our collaboration with Christ the King? Find answers to COLLABORATION FAQ's by clicking HERE!

Why would Cross of Life want to move forward with a collaboration with Christ the King? What is our plan, and what do we hope it could look like? For answers to these questions and more, click HERE.


Cross of Life and Christ the King held their annual meetings on the same day (January 25, 2015) to facilitate a relatively simultaneous vote on Year Two of our three-year plan toward a collaborative union. Both congregations voted to move into Year Two.

To read about this and more from our Annual Meeting, check out page 2 of our FEBRUARY 2015 NEWSLETTER.


On Sundays, January 11, 18 & 25, 2015, our 9:30 a.m. Forums were devoted to updates on our relationship with Christ the King as we considered entering into Year Two of our Three-Year Plan toward a collaborative union. Below is a summary of those Forums: 

On JANUARY 11: We reviewed our Year One goals: Build collaborative church councils; Build a collaborative staff; and Build a common technology. We also examined our Year Two goals: Establish a common operating budget; Establish a common vision-setting group; and Consider undertaking a common fund appeal for a Wellness Center.

On JANUARY 18, the Joint Architectural Work group, along with Brian Hatzung, Project Architect from Zimmerman Architectural, presented the possibilities for a future Health and Wellness addition to be built at Christ the King's site. To read more from the Architectural Work group, click HERE for a brief look at the purpose and possible Master Plan for a Health and Wellness expansion. (This work group was formed because of a generous grant of $25,000 received from the Siebert Lutheran Foundation to carry out a feasibility study for a potential Health and Wellness building.)

On JANUARY 25we provided an overview and update of the presentations made on January 11 & 18. We also reviewed the proposed 2015 budget, congregation and council goals for 2015, and ongoing ways of adjusting our staff to match our ministry needs. All of this led us to our Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 25, from noon to 2:00 p.m. 


At our Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, January 26, 2014, the Cross of Life congregation unanimously voted to enter into Year 1 of a proposed 3-year plan leading to a collaborative union with Christ the King Lutheran Church. You can read more about this in our February 2014 Newsletter

To provide you with a brief history of events and meetings leading up to this vote, below are the news items that appeared on our website under "News for the Congregation."

We will now begin the exciting and challenging work of the first year of our plan. During Year One, our goals are:
1) To have the two staffs essentially function as one by Fall 2014, with everyone anchored at their current congregation and then gradually building a presence at the other congregation.
2) Church Councils will begin to meet regularly.
3) We will combine websites and other technologies by Fall 2014.


In preparation for the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on January 26, 2014, members were asked to review our 2013 ANNUAL REPORT (click link, or hard copies are also available in our narthex) and our CTK PROPOSAL (SEE BELOW). 

Thank you to all of you who participated in our joint congregational dinner meetings this Fall. From the feedback gathered at those events, two questions  kept coming up, "If we were to work together more intentionally, WHAT would that look like and WHY would we do that?"

Our Cross of Life/Christ the King work group now presents you with a vision for why we might do this along with a specific view of what it might look like.

Core Principal:

  1. This will be an evolving relationship that is mission driven and Christ centeredWe will be open to where the Spirit leads us, and as a result, each step in the sequence allows flexibility for reconsideration and course adjustments.

Essential Details:

  1. The long term goal is a two campus ministryNo plan to merge to a single site.
  2. Each campus retains its name and members retain their worship “home.”
    No one will be forced to worship at a different site.
  3. Members will gain choices as programs and services evolve so that they become complementary.
  4. Pastors will both anchor at a site but relate to both.
  5. Staff will become ministry specific rather than site specific. Matt Griepentrog, our shared Youth Director, is a current example.
  6. Communications and technology will assist us with shared web sites, worship videos, SMART board curriculum, social networking etc.

For more info about this collaboration, click on the links below:

Why do this?
Brief Summary of the Three Year Plan
 (2 pages)
Full Summary of the Three Year Plan (7 pages)

OR open 
ONE document with all of the above


Thank you for taking the time to read this and please be in touch with any work group member:

From Cross of Life:
Mike Johnson, Council President
Glenn Turco
Mike Aprahamian

Greg Hoesly
Melanie Rooney
John Horner-Ibler
Sherrie Lorbeck

From Christ the King:
Diana Stobbs, Council President
Wayne Higgins
Ron Jones
Brandan Stobbs
Jim Ahlquist



Cross of Life and Christ the King held important dinner-discussion meetings on two Sundays: September 22 & October 6, both from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at COL

*Click HERE for The 10 Reasons to Go Deeper Handout.

These meetings were an opportunity for members from each congregation to break bread together, examine the future of our relationship, and offer feedback on our individual and common ministries. We are at an important crossroads for our congregations and we thank those who attended!

Briefly, here is what occurred:

* We shared info about church trends and their implications for our current and future ministries, be they apart or together.
* We did not yet make any decisions about how closely we'll work together in the future. These meetings were for information and feedback purposes with hopes of specific recommendations being available for Annual Congregational Meetings on January 26, 2014.
* Attendees were assigned a table so we could get the best possible mix of thoughts and opinions from each congregation and from different worship times.
* The meetings were linked and different. Participation was still encouraged at the second meeting if you weren't able to attend the first one.
* Bishop Jeff Barrow from our synod was there on September 22 and shared his perspective about the possibilities he sees.

To those of you who attended, thank you for making these meetings a priority in your life of faith!



Open forums were held on May 30 & June 2 at COL to discuss the partnership between COL and CTK. Thank you to the 100 people who attended! For those of you unable to attend, please click on the following link to read the informational handout shared at those meetings:

Handout from the Informational Sessions on May 30 and June 2

As you read through it, please be aware that the purpose of these meetings was to pass on information. We have several potential routes ahead of us and before we get to the point of making any decisions, we wanted to get as much information out to people as possible. We also wanted to hear what questions and opinions people had so they could help shape our Church Council's work over the summer. In the fall, we plan to host more detailed sessions on two Sundays – September 22 and October 6 – with the hope of setting specific future priorities for the relationship between the congregations. 

Please feel free to be in touch with any one of the following Cross of Life members who are a part of the COL-CTK Work Group with any additional thoughts, comments or questions:

Mike Aprahamian
Greg Hoesly
Mike Johnson
Melanie Rooney
Glenn Turco
Pastor John Horner-Ibler
Pastor Sherrie Lorbeck



Pastor Jim Ahlquist
Called to Christ the King in 2012, Jim has served congregations in Wisconsin and Minnesota over his 31 years of parish ministry. He grew up on the border in Hudson, Wis., and has continued to be faithful to the Green Bay Packers, even after attending St. Olaf College and Luther Seminary (both in Minnesota). The Packers priority slid somewhat when Jim’s wife Cyndee nudged him away from seven years of “Lutheran Priesthood” and surrounded him with four daughters. Cyndee grew up in De Pere, Wis., graduated from Marian College in Fond du Lac, and is now a Nursing Instructor at MATC. Three of their daughters – Corinne, Clarissa, and Carmen – are pursuing degrees in higher education, while their fourth grader, Caryn, keeps them young. These women are the joy of Jim’s life and occupy any possible free time. The only other male presence in the family is Jack, a 3-year-old Shepadoodle (until a visit to the vet changed all that). As Jim reflects on his life, he says, “These wonderful years of ministry and family have gone too fast, but it remains my passion and hope for many more!”

Nancy Kostanski, Office Administrator
Nancy has been with Christ the King since 2004 as the Office Administrator and joined CTK as a member in 2013. She is responsible for providing office support to CTK staff members, as well as performing the day-to-day functions of the office. Nancy grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and married Ken in 1977. They have three adult children – Elizabeth (married to Mike), Laura and Kenny – and four grandchildren. After her own children were in school full-time, Nancy began working as an Office Administrator for her church in Texas. From that point on she was hooked, and has served in that role for four congregations due to job transfers with her husband. In her free time Nancy enjoys attending Bible Study, golfing, coaching Special Olympics and spending time with family – especially her grandchildren.

Janet Day, Director of Music
Janet has been with Christ the King since 2007, having over thirty-five years of experience in church music. She serves with CTK as the Director of Music, leading the Adult Choir and Sunday School Youth Choir. Janet was born and raised in a small farming community in the Red River Valley of North Dakota near Grand Forks. Baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church, Janet is quite familiar with the Lutheran traditions of strong faith, abundant Holy Spirit and coffee with anything at any time of day. Janet also works for Hal Leonard Corporation as an Editor in the Choral Music Department and as the Editor-in-Chief of Music Express, an educational magazine for teachers and students. Janet and her husband, Bob, live in Elm Grove with their two sons, Jacob and Jonathan.

Stacey Nordmeyer, Praise Band Leader & Handbell Choir Leader
Stacey has been with Christ the King since 2013. She directs both the Praise Band and the Handbell Choir. Before coming to CTK she served in various churches in the Milwaukee area as a Worship Leader and Pianist. Stacey is the Church Choral Editor for Hal Leonard Corporation and holds a Music Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She is also a member of the Milwaukee Handbell Ensemble. Stacey is married to Kevin and they have one son, Ryan. In her spare time, Stacey enjoys geocaching, reading and doing counted cross-stitch.

To reach a staff member at Christ the King, please call our church office at 262-781-7600.


Front Row (left to right): Jolene Epding (Christian Ed); Matt Aubart (Co-Property); Lisa Walz (Council Secretary); Brandan Stobbs (Council President); and Ron Jones (Executive Team secretary)

Back Row (left to right): Barb Borkenhagen (Social Concerns); and Nancy Jaessing (Worship & Music)

Missing from Photo: Lee Lawrence (Evangelism); Karen Greussing (Treasury Ministry); Penny Berglund (Treasurer); Diana Stobbs (Past President); Steve Mehnert (Co-Property); and Eric Godfrey (Youth)