Member Directory - Info Page


We are excited to publish our first-ever Online Photo Directory, which went “live” in September 2014! Like our printed directories of the past, it's a tool to help our members and staff connect with each other. Unlike past directories, it's a "living document" that can be continually updated with current family information and photos. In addition to searching for others, please use it to update your new phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Once you do so, our staff will be notified and we can update the rest of our communications.

To access the COL Online Photo Directory, CLICK HERE.

To login:
1.      User ID: Your e-mail address
2.      Password: Use the password that was e-mailed to you on September 29, 2014.

To Change your Password:
1.      Log into the directory.
2.      Click the Settings button in the upper right area of the page.
3.      Click the Change Password button.
4.      Enter a new password.

Difficulties logging in?
Check the version of the internet browser you are using. 
We recommend the minimum versions:

·  Safari 6.1.x, Safari 7.x,
·  Internet Explorer 10 or 11,
·  Chrome 27, or
·  Firefox 32.

Can’t find the email with your password?
here to send an email to Ann Hill to have your password reset and a new email sent to you.

If you haven’t already done so, please help us by taking a minute to log in to the directory. When the email was sent on September 29, the high user traffic temporarily overloaded the system. If you’re still not able to access it, please contact Ann Hill and we’ll send you a link that will enable you to download a PDF version of the directory onto your computer.

We hope you enjoy this convenient resource! Thanks to all who made it possible and thanks to our members for helping us keep it current!

Working hard to help you connect with one another in faith ~
Your Communication and Technology Committee: John Ehlers (Council Chairperson), Ed Dominski, Ann Hill, Duane Maas, Patricia Pelzel, Bill Rooney, Brad Wilkins and Pastor Sherrie.

(At left: our joint COL-CTK Communication and Technology Committee)