About Worship


To provide a full complement of service times, UNITY Lutheran Church offers the following Worship Schedule during our regular program year, which is in effect September 10-11:

5:00 pm           COL: Cross of Life Campus

8:00 am           CTK: Christ the King Campus
8:30 am           COL: Cross of Life Campus

9:30 am           CTK: Christ the King Campus
10:45 am         COL: Cross of Life Campus

Regular Sunday School times also resume September 10-11. Check out UNITY's website for the schedule!


To provide a full complement of service times, Unity Lutheran Church offers the following Summer Worship Schedule, which is in effect through Labor Day Weekend:

DAYS               TIMES              CAMPUS
Thursdays       6:30 pm           CTK: Christ the King
Saturdays        5:00 pm           COL: Cross of Life
Sundays          8:30 am           COL: Cross of Life
Sundays          9:30 am           CTK: Christ the King
Sundays        10:00 am           COL: Cross of Life

ABC Summer Sunday School for ages 3-Grade 2 is held at Cross of Life during both Sunday services.

Our Regular Program Year Schedule resumes on RALLY WEEKEND: September 10-11.


Christ the King Campus

4600 Pilgrim Rd. in Brookfield
(North of Capitol Dr. & South of Lisbon Rd.)


Cross of Life Campus
20700 W. North Ave. in Brookfield
(West of Barker Rd. & East of Springdale Rd.)




To listen to a SERMON from a recent Cross of Life service, click here.



WORSHIP is central to who we are. It is a part of our mission. It is how we show our thanks and praise to God! It is how our church family comes together each weekend and celebrates our faith.

We invite you to come and worship with us! There is wonderful joy and praise in music, and members of all ages provide much of our music. The scriptures are God's living Word that continue to speak and which the pastors help connect to our daily lives. Christ's meal of Communion is shared each week, and is open to anyone who believes.


Worship Feels Good and Looks Good at Cross of Life!
Our sanctuary remodel occurred in April 2013 with the removal of everything! Many strong arms carried out our pews and risers, in addition to hymn books, altar items, etc. This dedicated group of volunteers then carried everything back IN only two weeks later on a Saturday morning ... in time for worship that night!

For those who haven't worshipped with us for a while, come see our look! The palette of our sanctuary has changed from "roses and blues" to "taupey hues" 
and we warmly welcome you to worship with us!


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me...."
Children are always welcome and are encouraged to come to worship! In fact, the Children's Message is an important part of worship, held near the beginning of each service before our kids head off to Sunday School. "Children, I invite you to join me up front!" is a phrase uttered enthusiastically by our Pastors.

You'll enjoy watching the kids up front while we all learn from the day's lesson as it's broken down into "kid speak." (And here's a tip for Children's Message: the answer is always "Jesus!")

In Need of a Nursery?
Young children are always welcome in worship, but if you prefer, a staffed nursery is available. We offer childcare at no cost for families with young children during all worship services and for many other scheduled events. A paid caregiver is in the nursery during Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship, offering a familiar face and consistent care for the infants and toddlers. Simply go down the hall and turn "right at the rainbow!"

At left: our beloved "Miss Gail" who has been caring for our infants and toddlers in the nursery for many years.

To get a feel for what you can expect during a visit to Cross of Life, please visit our "What to Expect" page or our "Frequently Asked Questions" page.