Council and Ministries

Meet Our Cross of Life Council Members!
Our congregation is led by a council of elected members who give of their time to help shape goals for the future, attend to the matters at hand, and help lead eleven Ministry Committees that serve and energize our congregation.

The President and Youth Representatives serve for one-year terms, renewable once. All Ministry Committee Chairs serve for two-year terms, renewable once.

We encourage you to contact our President or any of our Council Members if you have any questions, comments, or are interested in becoming involved in a particular committee area.

Meet the Cross of Life AND Christ the King Council Members below!

COL Council Members:
Front row (left to right): Lloyd Brown (Stewardship); Elizabeth Klick (Invite); Jenny Hauser (GO Committee); Lynn Shannon (Servant Ministries); Jana Emerson (Recording Secretary); Greg O’Connell (President); and Carole Syse (Worship & Music)

Back row (left to right): Bernd Bruhnke (Adult Programs); Greg Schrieber (Finance); Quinn Brownell (Youth Rep); Matt Jolliff (Christian Education); Eric Gravenkamp (Youth & Young Adults); and John Ehlers (Communication & Technology)

Missing from photo: Kevin Anderson (Property); Nick Hahn (Treasurer); and Marissa Jurasovich (Youth Rep)


Feel free to contact our COL Council Members directly:

President - Greg O'Connell
Treasurer - Nick Hahn
Recording Secretary - Jana Emerson
Adult Programs - Bernd Bruhnke
Christian Education - Matt Jolliff
Communication & Technology - John Ehlers
Finance - Greg Schrieber
Group Opportunities ("GO") - Jenny Hauser
Invite - Elizabeth Klick
Property - Kevin Anderson
Servant Ministries - Lynn Shannon
Stewardship - Lloyd Brown
Worship & Music - Carol Syse
Youth & Young Adults - Eric Gravenkamp
Youth Representative - Marissa Jurasovich
Youth Representative - Quinn Brownell


Meet the Cross of Life AND Christ the King Council Members!

The Cross of Life and Christ the King Church Councils have discovered they work and play well together! Here the combined councils take a moment out of their retreat on November 14. 

COL & CTK Council Members:
Front Row (left to right): Carole Syse (COL Worship & Music); Lynn Shannon (COL Servant Ministries); Barb Borkenhagen (CTK Social Concerns); Jolene Epding (CTK Christian Ed); and Brandan Stobbs (CTK Council President)

Middle Row (left to right): Bernd Bruhnke (Adult Programs); Nancy Jaessing (CTK Worship & Music); Jenny Hauser (COL GO Committee); Lisa Walz (CTK Council Secretary); Elizabeth Klick (COL Invite); Ron Jones (CTK Executive Team Secretary); and Matt Aubart (Co-Property)

Back Row (left to right): Lloyd Brown (COL Stewardship); Greg O’Connell (COL President); Quinn Brownell (COL Youth Rep); Matt Jolliff (COL Christian Education); Jana Emerson (COL Recording Secretary); Eric Gravenkamp (COL Youth & Young Adults); Greg Schrieber (COL Finance); and John Ehlers (COL Communication & Technology)

Missing from Photo: COL: Kevin Anderson (Property); Nick Hahn (Treasurer); and Marissa Jurasovich (Youth Rep)

Missing from Photo: CTK: Lee Lawrence (Evangelism); Karen Greussing (Treasury Ministry); Penny Berglund (Treasurer); Diana Stobbs (Past President); Steve Mehnert (Co-Property); and Eric Godfrey (Youth)

Info on this page current as of November 2015