Mission Trips

Our Servanthood Knows No Borders!

Cross of Life's international partnership resides in the country of El Salvador

Our partner congregation is called Cordero De Diós (meaning "Lamb of God") and is located in a suburb of San Salvador called Soyapango

Our partner community is called Rutilio Grande, and is located approximately 30 miles north of the capital city of San Salvador.

Our youth and adults began journeying regularly to El Salvador in 2006. Along with the Greater Milwauke Synod community, COL travels to El Salvador twice a year:

  • The focus of our February trip (annual "Mission of Healing Trip") is to provide our medical/dental mission clinic.
  • The focus of our August trip is to spend time with both partners and further strengthen our relationships.

During July 21-28 we visited our partner church Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God) in Soyapango, and our partner community Rutilio Grande outside El Paisnal. Want to see all we did? It was a LOT .. but we have it condensed down to 4 minutes for you! Take a minute (or four) and check out our "El Salvador 2016" video! Special thanks to Katherine Dolan for creating it!

Our MISSION OF HEALING TRIP is scheduled for February 11-18, 2017.

If you'd like to know more about our trips to El Salvador, we encourage you to talk to Muriel Otto (pictured above with two new friends) or contact her at muriel@crossoflife.org.


We welcome back our El Salvador Travellers who headed to San Salvador February 13-20, 2016 with a delegation of 24 to help the Salvadoran Lutheran Church run their four-day Mission of Healing holistic health clinic. Travelers were (from CTK) Jolene Epding and (from COL) Greg Buck, Mike Gutzeit, Jackie Heling, Muriel Otto and Jo Ann Tomm. Stations at the clinic included reading glasses, arts and crafts, kid’s activities, fluoride application and oral health education, prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS, counseling for survivors of violence, nutrition education, massage and reflexology, prayer and spiritual healing, natural medicine, and screenings by nurses and doctors.

We saw more than 600 patients during this trip! Thank you to everyone who participated or prayed or donated in order to make this trip possible.


Rutilio Grande Gets Computer Center!
Posted June 2015: Thanks to your generous giving to COL and some incredibly hard-working friends in El Salvador, Comunidad Rutilio Grande is going to have a computer center at last! SO COOL. Speaking of cool, their newly constructed room is complete with air conditioning! (This is a first for Rutilio Grande, and one everyone is super excited about!) This is a big step for education in rural El Salvador. Next step: internet and computers. Stay tuned! 

Our 2015 summer trip to El Salvador took place August 8-15, 2015. 
This was a relationship-building trip. We spent time with our rural parnter community of Rutilio Grande and our urban partners at Pastor Norma's church, Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God) in Soyapango. We focused on learning about each other's lives while sharing faith, music, sports and education times with each other. Our August trip is ideal for high schoool juniors and older (if accompanied by a parent), college-age adults and any adults intertested in really meeting our partners in the places where they live. Spanish-speaking, music-making or camp counselor backgrounds are SUPER assests but are not mandatory.

What was especially cool about the August 8-15 trip is that Cross of Life sent four parent/child pairs! Talk about bonding and blessings! We give thanks for the safe return of our travelers: Muriel Otto & Mathew Chasanoff, John & Michael Horner-Ibler, Brian & Maddy Flynn, and Lynn & Katherine Dolan. 

Our 2015 Mission of Healing Trip to El Salvador took place February 14-21, 2015. We helped the Salvadoran Luthern Church run a four-day Mission of Healing Free Clinic and in four days we saw 632 patients! We give thanks for the hard work and the safe return of our nine COL travelers: Mike Gutzeit, Greg Buck, Jim Baumgartner, David Horner-Ibler, Scott Czarnik, Carrie Schrieber, Diane Dressler, Muriel Otto and Julie Hoesly.


Our 2014 August trip to El Salvador took place August 9-16, 2014. This was a relationship-building trip where we spent time with our rural partner community of Rutilio Grande and our urban partners at Pastor Norma's church, Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God) in Soyapango. Our nine COL travelers were: Nelson Brownell, Eric Gravenkamp, Spencer Gravenkamp, Nicole Heling, David Horner-Ibler, John Horner-Ibler, Muriel Otto, Nicole Riederer and Mike Tostrud. This trip focused on learning more about each other's lives while sharing faith, music, sports and education times.


Our 2014 Mission of Healing Trip took place February 15-22, 2014. We were blessed to have 10 COL members travel to San Salvador, El Salvador for one week to help our partners run a four-day Mission of Healing Free Clinic to neighboring communities. Our COL travlers were: Linda Anderson, Greg Buck, Darcy Constable, Jan Constable, Mike Gutzeit, John Horner-Ibler, Muriel Otto, Jean Qualmann-Anderson, Jeannie Solik and Fred Varin. These 10 COL-ers joined a team of 40 Salvadoreans and Americans to provide medical care to more than 750 patients! Patients also received spiritual care, massage, reading glasses and/or medications.


If you are a medical professional or speak fluent Spanish, we can use your skills! If you are not in the medical field, we can still use your help in a variety of ways! For further information, please contact Muriel Otto 
... and make it your mission to go on our mission!

If you would like to be involved with our El Salvador partnership or have questions about what we do, you can also contact Servanthood Advocate Jim Baumgartner.

You can also find more information about our partnerships at 'PartnerswithElSalvador'. Check it out!

Cross of Life provides ministry by:

Travelling to El Salvador twice a year;
Helping staff medical and dental clinics;
Helping make minor repairs to village buildings;
Spending time with the residents of Soyapango;
Donating medical and dental supplies;
Donating money toward scholarships;
Donating soccer uniforms, balls, shoes and socks